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One to one Counselling

Sometimes the waiting lists for the NHS Counselling and NHS Therapy services can be quite long. If this is the case then people often choose to go to a private counsellor for their mental wellbeing. You may feel that you have signs of depression, symptoms of anxiety or symptoms of stress. You may just need someone outside of your personal life who you can trust to speak to about your feelings.

First Consultation (up to 30 minutes) – Free

Ever wondered if it is worth committing to something before trying it?
An informal meeting at my practice can address this. You will get a feel for the space I offer, check if you are comfortable with me, briefly talk about your needs & receive an overview of Therapy.

Counselling/Therapy Session – Face to Face, Video or Phone (50mins) – £53

If your preference is video call or a session over the phone, I can offer that too; the same fee applies.
You can still have an informal first free consultation with me, so you can get a feel for it and decide if it’s for you.

Sessions also available in Portuguese.

Session’s Cancellations:
48h notice – no charge.
Less than 48h notice – full session due.
Non attendance – full session due.

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Some of the themes I work with:

Anxiety & Depression, Loss & Grief Counselling, Bereavement Counselling, Creative blocks, Work Related Stress, LGBTQ+, Mental Wellbeing, Identity related, Sexuality, Trauma, Digital Dependency, Attachment issues, Abuse/sexual/physical/ emotional, Panic Attacks, Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts, Family issues, Relationship issues, Anger, Confidence/self-esteem, Isolation/Loneliness, Domestic violence, Gender Identity, Self care issues, PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Developing self-awareness, Body image, Gender Dysphoria, Feeling sad, Bullying, Stress, Cultural issues.

threadup free

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In direct response to the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020, alongside what was learned whilst supporting creatives through the crisis with their mental health, this new service is now available.

threadUp Free, is FREE time limited therapy (6 sessions), aiming to support those in the creative industry, who have lost their income as a direct impact of the Coronavirus crisis.

If you’re a creative (performing artist, musician, designer, culinary arts chef; but not limited to those) experiencing mental health difficulties, get in touch so we can discuss your needs and arrange your therapy if appropriate.
This service will be available online only, subject to availability and have a possible waiting time, as the service grows in popularity.

Cancellation policy of 48h minimum notice prior to a therapy session applies.

threadUp pitchUp

Mental health support & well-being in festivals & creative events

(service by quote only)

We will pitch up at your festival / creative event and support you to get through the stresses and focus on the positive aspects of what you do.

A team of therapists will be on hand to support all responsible for performing and working at these events, with the following aims:

  • To support the well-being & mental health of performers and workers of the festival.
  • To create a confidential space where they feel comfortable and safe to seek mental health support whilst working at the festival.
  • To promote healthy mental health & emotional resilience amongst the performers and workers of the festival
  • To give performers & workers of festivals who have been seriously impacted by the Coronavirus crisis, a space to process difficulties arising from resuming live work after periods of inactivity and/or isolation.
  • To give performers & workers of festivals an opportunity to feel seen, valued and integral to the success of the event.
  • An invitation to explore performers/workers’ immediate needs and an opportunity to identify more long term aims for better mental health.
  • To continue to raise awareness about mental health within the performing arts and the festival industry.

Benefits of threadUp pitchUp:

  • To learn more about the aspects that negatively impact creatives & artists performing & working in festivals and creative events.
  • To understand how some creative structures contribute to poor mental health; this isn’t about shaming, but it is about helping the industry to grow and get better at supporting its performers and workers.
  • Creating a culture of informed creatives & artists who can develop good levels of self-care, whether in their day to day and/or whilst performing/working in festivals and creative events.
  • Normalising the need for mental health support amongst the creative industry.
  • Learning to identify when things are/aren’t manageable and seeking support accordingly.
  • Destigmatise the need of accessing mental health support amongst the creative industry.

A little background on threadUp pitchUp

I have been supporting the mental health of creatives & artists for a few years now; through the one-to-one therapy I offer in my practice I learned a great deal about the challenges this community faces in their personal life, in their day to day and when they are performing or working in festivals & creative events.

The negative impact on mental health I have witnessed many of my clients experience and learn to manage and/or overcome, is one that can be exacerbated when they are part of a festival or large event, performing or working alongside performers in order to entertain a crowd, large or small.

I observed this closely when I attended The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, to record the launch of a podcast – Psycomedy – which explores the psychology of comedians – with host Nathan Cassidy. I had the opportunity to talk with several performers and meet many of the producers and the technical support of the festival. The levels of stress, anxiety and at times desperation I came across, was stark.

As a counsellor already supporting creatives in a small scale (one-to-one therapy), I felt that much more could be done to support the community on a larger scale; I had approached organisers of a few festivals (comedy, music and others) but was met with somewhat tokenism. I came to understand then that financial resources in these large creative events still aren’t allocated meaningfully towards the mental health & well-being of its workers (and in some festivals such help is skewed towards the audience rather than the workers) – imagine that, the ones who create the magic are sometimes overlooked in this domain! I started putting a pilot together aimed to provide support at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020, but the Covid-19 crisis hit and this couldn’t go ahead.

Since then I teamed up with other partners and have been developing a service that can attend to the need of improving mental health, well-being & self-care of all performers/creatives/workers of festivals and creative events.

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You can find
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Nestled inside the Bridge 5 Mill Centre for Sustainable living in Ancoats, the threadUp Practice is a calm and inviting space for my clients.