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One to one Counselling

Sometimes the waiting lists for the NHS Counselling and NHS Therapy services can be quite long. If this is the case then people often choose to go to a private counsellor for their mental wellbeing. You may feel that you have signs of depression, symptoms of anxiety or symptoms of stress. You may just need someone outside of your personal life who you can trust to speak to about your feelings.

First Consultation (up to 30 minutes) – Free

Ever wondered if it is worth committing to something before trying it?
An informal meeting at my practice can address this. You will get a feel for the space I offer, check if you are comfortable with me, briefly talk about your needs & receive an overview of Therapy.

Counselling/Therapy Session – Face to Face, Video or Phone (50 minutes) – £60

If your preference is video call or a session over the phone, I can offer that too; the same fee applies.
You can still have an informal first free consultation with me, so you can get a feel for it and decide if it’s for you.

Sessions also available in Portuguese.

Session’s Cancellations:
48h notice – no charge.
Less than 48h notice – full session due.
Non attendance – full session due.

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Some of the themes I work with:

Anxiety & Depression, Loss & Grief Counselling, Bereavement Counselling, Creative blocks, Work Related Stress, LGBTQ+, Mental Wellbeing, Identity related, Sexuality, Trauma, Digital Dependency, Attachment issues, Abuse/sexual/physical/ emotional, Panic Attacks, Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts, Family issues, Relationship issues, Anger, Confidence/self-esteem, Isolation/Loneliness, Domestic violence, Gender Identity, Self care issues, PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Developing self-awareness, Body image, Gender Dysphoria, Feeling sad, Bullying, Stress, Cultural issues.

threadup free

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In direct response to the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020, alongside what was learned whilst supporting creatives through the crisis with their mental health, this new service is now available.

threadUp Free, is FREE time limited therapy (6 sessions), aiming to support those in the creative industry, who have lost their income as a direct impact of the Coronavirus crisis.

If you’re a creative (performing artist, musician, designer, culinary arts chef; but not limited to those) experiencing mental health difficulties, get in touch so we can discuss your needs and arrange your therapy if appropriate.
This service will be available online only, subject to availability and have a possible waiting time, as the service grows in popularity.

Cancellation policy of 48h minimum notice prior to a therapy session applies.

threadUp Media Hub

In this section you will find out about all of the projects that I am involved with and/or developing; expect to see collaborations and partnerships.

I was invited to speak as a mental health professional at the Rec Rooms Studio on the ‘Kicking Back’ podcast.

Rec Rooms runs a music recoding studio which supports local grass roots musicians and often record podcasts with interesting themes. At that time they were running a mental health focused month.

I have previously worked with the Manchester based Charity for Young People, 42nd Street as a Mental Health Practitioner.

With my experience as a Counsellor in this service, I identified an area that lacked accessible information for the Young People, which was about the types of support available to them. At this time I decided to pitch a project which would address this to the CEO of 42nd Street. The outcome of this was the development of ‘Our Service Films’.

These short films feature Young People interviewing the Mental Health Professionals of 42nd Street, in order to gain understanding about the service, how it can support them and to enable Young People entering the service to make an informed choice about support that is right for them. These films were shown in an NHS conference and received high acclaim from the NHS clinical commissioners, who stated that the videos were one of the most effective ways of communicating with service users that they had ever seen.

In this project I paired the need of imparting crucial information to Young People with a medium that is accessible to them. Our Service Films are now available to view on the 42nd Street website.

threadUp Proudly Supports Psycomedy Podcasts.

threadUp has been involved in supporting creatives in the world of stand up comedy.

The Psycomedy podcast is a great listen and illustrates so well the highs & lows of this environment.

Have a listen here:

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Nestled inside the Bridge 5 Mill Centre for Sustainable living in Ancoats, the threadUp Practice is a calm and inviting space for my clients.